Thursday, 1 November 2012

Steve Vai & Crossroads 1986

Walter Hill
John Fusco
Ralph Macchio
Joe Seneca
Jami Gertz

Ralph Macchio is Lightning Boy. A kid who can make a slide guitar sing. Blind Dog is an old pro who knows it. Together, they're headed to a place where deals are made. And legends are born.

Steve Vai appeared onscreen in this film, playing the demonically-inspired Jack Butler. At the film's climax, Vai engages in a guitar duel with Ralph Macchio, whose guitar parts were dubbed by Vai and Ry Cooder, who played the initial slide work in the duel and Macchio's earlier performances in the film. Vai composed the fast-paced neo-classical track Eugene's Trick Bag that wins Macchio the competition. He based the body of the piece heavily on Paganini's Capriccio number 5. He later borrowed the opening riff from the track Head Cuttin' Duel for a song called Bad Horsie from his 1995 EP Alien Love Secrets. The Crossroads duel reappeared on the 2002 album The Elusive Light and Sound, volume 1.

  Birth Name  
             Steven Siro Vai              
Jun 6, 1960
(Carla Place, New York, US)
  Years Active
1980 - Present

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